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Cast List for Mary Poppins

We apologize for the delay, but the announcement on the final cast list has been moved to Wednesday 21 March (no later than 10 pm). The early rehearsal planned for tomorrow (Monday 19 March) will not take place. The second early rehearsal (Step in Time) scheduled for Thursday 22 March will still take place as planned. All ensemble men and a few ensemble women will be needed for that Thursday rehearsal. Exactly who that is will be clear when the cast list is posted. Any character parts that want to dance and can make it work with costume changes are also welcome.

Updated 2018-03-18

Callbacks for Mary Poppins

Thanks to all who auditioned. We saw so much talent. The following are called back on Tuesday 13 March at 6:30 pm for the children and 7 pm for the adults. Also note that several people will be cast without the need to see them for a callback.

Callback Materials

See this page for materials (songs and sides) for you to print, practice, and bring with you to callbacks. We will post on this website and on Facebook when these materials are ready.

Banks Children

The following are being called back for the roles of Jane and Michael. We would like to see these children at 6:30 pm. The male and female adult callbacks will start at 7 pm.

Callback for Jane
Edyn Armitage
Elizabeth Burget
Melanie Johnson
Savannah Sheppard
Ellie Spilker
Morgan Thompson
Sophie Waters
Brynnli Weaver
Glory Weaver
Mercedes Weaver
Anna Whitchurch
Maya Yrungaray
Callback for Michael
Bryce Jordan
Nolan Reinbold
Garrett Schreiner
Jacob Schreiner
Sam Whitchurch

Men and Women

The following are being called back for various adult roles. There are four categories of women and four categories of men being called back. Check the table below to see what category you are being called back for.

NumberFemale Role
1Mary Poppins
2Mrs. Banks
3Female Characters (including Bird Woman, Mrs. Brill, Ms. Andrews)
4Ensemble Dance
NumberMale Role
2Mr. Banks
3Male Characters (including Robertson Ay, Admiral Boom, Bank Chairman, Park Keeper)
4Ensemble Dance
Jocelyn Allred3
Brielle Anderson1, 2, 3
Colin Baker1, 2, 3
Heather Burget3, 4
Shauna Call3
Lauren Carn4
Cathy Carroll3
Jade Christensen4
Maria Cooper4
Emily Cutler3, 4
Greg Dowse1
Trent English1, 2
Annie English2, 3
Krystal Funk1, 2
Kevin Gettins4
DeAnna Griffith4
Julie Hadlock2
Luke Hardy1
Jake Hart1, 3
Madison Hart 4
Rebecca Hess3
McKenna Hockemier3
Sara Holbrook4
Stacey Hunsaker3
Kira Janke4
Gail Johnsen3
Jessica Johnson4
Bailey Kearns4
Sarah King4
Ellie Lawson4
Serena Mackerell1, 2, 3
Jac Madsen3
Sam Martinez4
Merck Masters1
Charlie Mergens4
Jack Mergens4
Max Morgan4
Bounta Nomichith3, 4
Sarah Ogden1, 2
Noah Omelchek4
Brianne Peterson2, 4
Megan Reeves4
Shannon Ricks1, 2
Sydney Rudel4
Juan Sierra3
Haylie Sierra4
Patricia Sierra3
Abigail Slama-Catron4
Alaina Stone3, 4
Harini Venkatesan3
Eli Weaver4
Mark Weaver1, 2, 3
Mike Weaver2, 3
Stephen Whitchurch3
Ivy Wilson4
Linette Wilson4

Updated 2018-03-11

Auditions for Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is our big June show at the Amphitheater. The show performs June 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 11. Auditions are open for adults, youth, and also for children ages 7 and above who have a parent in the show. The production will be directed and choreographed by Susan DeMill, music directed by Tricia Swanson.

Audition Times

Auditions will be held on Thursday 8 March from 6:45-9 pm and on Saturday 10 March from 9 -11 am. Those invited to callbacks will come back on Tuesday 13 March at 7 pm. All of the above will be held at American Preparatory Academy Draper Campus III (431 West 11915 South in Draper).

Audition Prep

You must enroll with our online system BEFORE you show up for auditions. Read and follow these instructions that explain how to enroll for online auditions. Again, do this BEFORE you show up for auditions.

For your audition prepare to perform 32 measures of a Broadway song in the style of the show. An accompanist will be provided. No recorded tracks.

For additional suggestions on having a successful audition, please review these audition tips.


The callback list will be posted to the DAC website by 10 pm11:59 pm Saturday 10 March. The cast list will the posted by 10 pm Sunday 17 March.


Normal rehearsals begin Monday 9 April at the Draper Amphitheater and will typically run Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Evening tech rehearsals will start May 21. A general rehearsal calendar is already on the website, details will be updated as rehearsals progress.

Pre-Season Rehearsals

We will hold two special rehearsals from 7-10 pm on Monday 19 March and Thursday 22 March to get an early start on the big numbers (Supercal and Step In Time). Location will be announced.


When you enroll, you must fill out the conflict calendar in its entirety. Conflicts disclosed after auditions will be considered unexcused and may result in losing your part. Rehearsal details will be updated on the website.

Question or Concerns

For more information contact the director Susan DeMill

Updated 2018-03-10

Plans for the 2018 Season

Draper Arts Council is busy putting together an exciting lineup of productions for our 2018 season! If you have any suggestions for shows you’d like to see, send us an email from the Contact page. (And if you’d like to do more than just suggest, come to one of our board meetings, to see how you can get more involved. We are always looking for more people, especially people with ideas.)

Cast shots of Seussical the Musical

At this point we are only exploring possibilities, but we plan to present two major Broadway shows planned for the Draper Amphitheater’s summer 2018 season.

It is our plan to change the Big Band Tribute a bit this year. We will definitely be doing a “tribute” show, but exactly how that develops will depend on selection of a director.

Most likely Kevin McClellan will be back with his Broadway Kidz, since this will be 20 years in a row, and who would ever stop at 19? More details on that as we progress.

Last year we debuted the Amphitheater Stage as an exciting new venue for small shows, with the fantastically successful (if occasionally chilly) Daddy Long Legs. Producer Gordon Jones is considering one of A.A. Milne’s smaller plays (yes, he wrote plays, as well as children’s books — in fact the children’s books were an aberration in a long and successful career as playwright, novelist, essayist, and social critic). Gordon is thinking perhaps of The Ivory Door, an exploration of the role outward appearances play in shaping identities, or The Perfect Alibi, one of two murder mysteries Milne wrote.

We hope to have news soon about a partnership with a local school which will give us much more flexibility to produce smaller plays, both musicals (think She Loves Me, or The Fantasticks) and “straight” plays (think Shakespeare or Holes).

In short, there is a lot going on, and we would love YOU to be part of it. Leave us some feedback, or come and join us. Our next meeting will be Monday 8 January 2018 at 8 pm in the Board Room at City Hall.

Updated 2018-03-13

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