Brigadoon Callback Materials

The links below are snippets of songs and the script (known in the theater world as “sides”) from Brigadoon. Please print out the ones that match the role(s) you are being called back for, practice them, and bring them with you to callbacks.

Vocal Book

Brigadoon Vocal Book


Index of Songs Check this first so you know which songs and which measures you’ll need.

Down on MacConnachy Square (pages 17-18)

Down on MacConnachy Square (pages 19-32)

Fiona - Waitin’ For My Dearie

Charlie - Come Home With Bonnie Jean

Fiona - Heather on the Hill

Meg - The Love of My Life

Fioana - Almost Like Being

Tommy - There But For You


Index of Sides Check this first so you know which pages you need to print out. Remember sides are to be done in an Scottish accent (except Tommy and Jeff).

Doon Sides

Speaking with a Scottish accent

These links are to youtube videos that can help you learn the accent.

How to do a Scottish accent

How to speak with a Scottish accent

How to do a Scottish accent!