Sister Act


Curtis & Thugs

Deloris & Mother Superior

Eddie & Deloris

Mary Patrick

Mary Robert

Mother Superior & Monsignor


Deloris: Fabulous Baby meas. 115—end

Deloris: Sister Act meas. 55—67

Mother Superior: I Haven’t Got a Prayer meas. 32—43

Eddie: I Could Be That Guy meas. 58—66 & 75—84

Thugs: Lady in the Long Black Dress meas. 41—49 (learn the solo and also one of the 2 parts)

Nuns & Deloris: Raise Your Voice meas. 198—202 (learn one of the parts, Mary Robert and Mary Patrick learn soprano)

Nuns & Deloris: Sunday Morning Fever meas. 25—40 (learn all the solos and one part of the 3-part harmony)

Mary Robert: The Life I Never Led meas. 185—end

Curtis: When I Find My Baby meas. 52-64